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Hiring Solutions

In the current Industrial scenario, with the 'war for talent' intensifying, it's clear that scientific methods are proving their value in workforce management. They are generating both direct and indirect...

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Growth Solutions

Workfoce management initiatives, result in improvement in productivity, quality and customer service at a financially measurable rate. Our 'Growth Solutions' range from Assessments...

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Retention Solutions

We have conducted extensive research through various studies across organisations in India on several areas of employee engagement and attrition. The findings of these studies indicated...

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Welcome to Assesspeople

Companies are increasingly looking to implement scientific workforce solutions through best-in-class assessment systems for hiring, growth and retention to be more competitive. With over a decade of experience in offering scientifically validated online assessments covering the entire life-cycle of the workforce across several industry segments, we are well equipped to be your Assessment Services partner for Workforce Management and development.

For staffing and recruitment, our assessments help in reducing wrong hires and in identifying appropriate talent with required capabilities resulting in reduction of hiring costs, increased productivity and process standardization. From a workforce development perspective, our assessments help in streamlining the development process by identifying the gaps in knowledge, skills and attitude and also by providing a clear roadmap for advancement.

Our process management for retention cover a series of surveys aimed at connecting with employees at various stages of their tenure in the company. Thoroughly researched and standardized, these surveys come in three versions: Onboarding, Engagement and Exit. A competent workforce can make a significant difference to your company’s productivity. Hiring a best- fit individual is not by chance but through conscious choice made possible through a well-researched, standardized and scientific process. At Assesspeople, the Employment Screening Services eliminates all the guesswork from the hiring process and ensures foolproof hiring.

Need to take Personality Assessment Test to determine your employee’s strength and talents by make use of our potential pre-employment screening services.

We aim to seamlessly administer your screening and recruitment process and utilize technology to its peak to offer you with nothing less than the best.

We profile the abilities, skills and behavioral competencies of your prospective employees thoroughly and prevent errors in your recruitment process.

As experienced Human Resource professionals, we understand the fact that any wrong hiring decision can endanger cohesiveness, productivity among your workforce with adverse impact on company productivity and have therefore conceived a range of reliable and validated employment screening resources that leaves no stone unturned to offer your company with best- in- class hiring solutions.

Personality Assessment Test for Employment Hiring Services

Renowned for being one of the best pre-employment testing companies we continue to strive towards offering a range of robust, and standardized assessment solutions for realizing the value of your workforce.

Assesspeople has a proven track record of working with clients across industry segments in India and overseas of being a reliable partner for Pre-Employment screening and selection of workforce. Our Employment Screening Resources aim to significantly improve the quality of your talent pool.

The concept of Pre-Employment screening is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioral competencies of your prospective hires.

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