While most professional institutions are busy trying to figure out what companies expect from their employees, here is a novel study that intends to explore the vice-versa – to figure out what the present graduates expect of their future employees.

AssessPeople, a company aimed at delivering scientifically validated workforce assessment services to individuals and business enterprises, has carried out the country’s first ever survey that aims to understand and analyze the expectations of students who pass out of engineering, non-engineering and management institutes and seek their views and perspectives on their job search process and choice of a potential employer.

“Most HR professionals faced sourcing and retention of their employees as the main problem. There is often a gap between the management and the employers, which gives way to the lack of fulfillment. The more aligned, the more productive a company’s workforce is. And to bridge this gap is the main objective of the study,” explained R.Kannan, CEO of AssessPeople Private Limited.

“The study was of particular relevance as organizations too were keen on knowing the future workforce preferences post eh economic slowdown. The survey was mainly conducted on the student’s perspective as an earlier report suggested that more than two thirds of the students were anxious about their career,” explained Dr Arup Varma, Director AssessPeople.

The study involved more than 5,300 students form over 150 colleges form around the country.

“The number of respondents might be lesser when compared to the several lakhs of students passing out every year, but the questionnaire was designed scientifically, stratified according to several regions, academic streams and a wide array of institutions,” said Kannan.

The primary areas concentrated in this survey were on what basis the students select their company. Was it the image, the compensation, job security, training, job profile, brand image, etc.

Some of the main revealing stats about the survey were that more than 80 percent of the students preferred online mode of assessment, to obtain information about the company and for placements. Also, about 74 percent of the students preferred that the company providing them formal training after employment to gather more on-field knowledge. Net savvy, company image and management credibility were among the other areas most expected by the students.


  • Engineering Graduate: Company size, image and management profile matter most.
  • Non-Engineering Graduate: Attaches importance to type of industry and job security. Compensation does not matter.
  • PG in Management (Premier Institutions): Training, company image and management profile matter most – size does not matter.
  • PG in Management (Others): Job profile, industry type ad compensation matter most.