Ability Screening

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Associate Level Ability Screening

A comprehensive battery of assessments for aptitudes and abilities of an individual, which predict success on a variety of jobs.

Designed and developed scientifically by experts in assessment science, our aptitude assessment has been used to assess millions of candidates, for companies across various Industry segments, over the last few years with high predictive value.

To assist in the employee recruitment decision, tests are available in the following areas -

  • Cognitive / intellectual Abilities - Analytical, Numerical, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Spatial ability, Eye for detail, Flow chart.
  • Language Usage - Spoken English, Listening Comprehension, Written skills and Reading Comprehension.
  • Stream Specific - Engineering, Insurance, Software, Networking, Computing fundamentals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Keyboard skills.
  • Company Specific - Supports inclusion of additional modules that are specific to the company or the business process.
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