Career Management and Development: The Emerging Paradigm
Discerning the future of Career Management brings us more challenges than
opportunities, more questions than answers.
Long ago, Peter Drucker (1997) was asked how he could predict the
reunification of Germany when no one else did so. He replied 'I never
predict. I just look out of the window and see what is visible but not yet
seení. In today's world, with the Career Management landscape changing
faster than most of its architects can anticipate, it throws all of us back
to Drucker's reply. So we look out making an attempt to see the challenges
and imperatives of Career Management for the future.
The knowledge economy is changing the way people work. New entrants in
to the job market can expect to experience a succession of jobs in a number
of Industry sectors during their working lives. They may have concurrent
part time jobs at one time and work periods will be interspersed with periods
of learning, either full or part time perhaps while working at one or more
Consequently, the support needed for working individuals to continuously
assess themselves and acquire skills that are required to effectively manage
oneself throughout one's career span is becoming increasingly critical. The
challenge is to help individuals learn how to choose wisely and commit to
ongoing self improvement for the rewards of satisfaction and self
fulfillment in the near- term and contingency planning in the longer- term.
Building a career is no longer about finding the right job and keeping it,
but about making continual career choices in response to a rapidly changing
job market Thus the knowledge economy demands a new approach to career
Career Management would involve planning and navigating workforce
progression and movement within the organization by aligning their
preferences and expectations in-line with the resourcing needs of the
organization. Career management needs to take into account the needs of
both the organisation and the individuals within. The key challenge is in
striking the right balance.
The results of several
Research studies on the
effectiveness of Career
Development programs
show that a higher level
of satisfaction with such
correspondingly higher
levels of quality of
working life, job
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Career Management and Development: The Emerging Paradigm