Embracing Technology And Digital Platforms- The Way Forward


The world is still coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19 which continues to change everything about life and work. As a result almost everyone is being forced to follow guidelines on social distancing and isolation.

Innovation and technological advancements have ensured that we have the essentials needed to see through this pandemic. As nations around the world practice social distancing, technology is what is enabling a sense of sanity in these strange times i.e. through Virtual gatherings, remote learning, work from home.

Businesses too are being forced to adapt. Very sudden mass shifts in working patterns, market dynamics, supply chains and consumer demand would test any business.

Under these circumstances, technology and digital infrastructure have a critical role to play in keeping the world connected more than ever before and it is necessary for companies to embrace new ways of working via their use of technology. It’s not quite as simple as ensuring that employees have laptops empowered to work remotely, if

their connections are  reliable, secure and stable, if VPNs need to have the appropriate amount of bandwidth and throughput available so that they don’t hamper employees who are just trying to get a job done.

Many businesses are now realizing that enabling this type of agility helps them to switch their business to a distributed workforce almost overnight which requires careful forward planning and preparation. COVID-19 will accelerate digital transformation for many businesses, acting as an unwanted catalyst for change. Though COVID-19 accelerates lot of change in business, the investment made in the hope of ensuring business survival in to respond to the virus will help to future proof businesses and equip them for the medium and long-run.

At this unpredictable time, the businesses and people who can adapt in the smartest ways will make the best of the current climate and will be able to thrive when the world enters into a new chapter again.



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