Exciting times for workforce management!


Today the world is witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on all facets of life, across industries.

All organisations are facing an unprecedented situation,  where they need to keep employees safe by encouraging social distancing while ensuring continuity of business.

Remote working or Work from Home (WFH) is the  New Normal- having its advantages and shortcomings. One can make a long list of these, but just giving some broad illustrations below.

The primary advantage, is without doubt the business and employment  continuity during the lock down  phase of Covid-19.

Providing the employees with  the flexibility to handle both the work and home related tasks, and reduction in operational costs for organisations, is another major advantage.

Employee productivity is largely dependent on their ability to stay focused and managing their time. Reduced scope for interpersonal experiences with colleagues at workplace and the increasing need for self motivation are few of the challenges.

Organisations may need to devise new  ways of achieving business goals, with lesser or no supervision.

What should business leaders and managers do to manage this new normal of staying connected and also be productive?

How quickly can they deploy tools and techniques to facilitate a smooth transition to the new ways or working?

Answers to these, will determine their ability to create a competitive advantage in the immediate and medium term.

Exciting  times for workforce management in a remote working economy!

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