Watch Out As You Work From Home.


For most of us, witnessing the entire country in a state of complete lockdown is a first-time and also hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To be living in social isolation, maintaining no physical contact with anyone, and staying indoors for extended periods of time isn’t easy. Adapting to this change can be difficult as it suddenly puts a brake on our ‘known normal’ and it asks us to create a ‘new normal’.

However, as the situation worsens with each passing day, one is likely to feel anxious, confused, overwhelmed, and powerless. Hence, during these difficult times, it is important to take care of our emotional well-being.

Here are some ways in which we can protect our emotional well-being:

  1. Change in the living pattern:

For good emotional well-being, maintaining a routine wake-up time and practice sleep hygiene, being conscious of staying away from the potential damages that inhibit immunity, creating clear distinctions between work and non-work time, ideally in both physical workspace and mental space will help in balancing emotions.

  1. Working on anticipations and apprehensions:

We should accept the fact that this pandemic will bring some difficulties with cognitive and emotional overload. Distraction, lack of concentration, and low motivation may take some time to deal with. As we settle into this new lifestyle of work from home and isolation, we need to set realistic goals for others and ourselves.

  1. Identifying red flags

Identify key thoughts and physical sensations that contribute to the chain of distress and feelings of being overwhelmed. There is not much that we can control, but we can keep a check on the way we talk to ourselves i.e. our internal dialogue during these challenging times. It can either provide us with a buffer or magnify our distress.

  1. Having control over the mind:

Stay in the present. Take each day as it comes and focus on things that can be controllable. Mindfulness and meditation can be helpful to reduce physical symptoms and enhance wellbeing.

Let us use this opportunity to not only defeat Corona but also to work on personal growth by embracing good mental health and well-being strategies.

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