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Campus Hiring Solutions

Most HR professionals must be familiar with some of these challenges….

  • Can I test and make offers for hundreds of candidates at Cochin and Pune operating out of Mumbai or New Delhi on a single day?
  • I have always found it difficult to screen candidates for spoken English skills at job fairs and walk in campaigns?
  • Can I optimize my sourcing process by mining past data of candidate performance in the assessment process?

We have a proven, robust and seamless assessment process as a workrforce management solution to overcome all these challenges. Our solutions are deployed on the LAN/WAN/WEB and Phone environment to provide complete confidentiality to candidate data on assessment performance.

Our authorised assessment centres across the country make the concept of “assessment anywhere, anytime” truly possible.


  • Superior Candidate Experience.
  • Improved quality of hiring and consistency.
  • Reduction in time spent on administration and logistics.
  • Opportunity for data mining and archival.
  • Flexibility to source candidates from wider geographies.
  • Flexibility to provide multiple test papers.
  • Validation checks for candidate identity and reappearance.
  • Faster throughput from test to offer.
  • Options for customized reports.
  • Confidentiality of candidate data.
  • Significant savings in post-hire training and administration costs
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