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Case Studies: Workforce management Growth and development Solutions 

INDIAN INSURANCE MAJORCompetency based Multi-rater feedback for Managers

Project Details

Project involved configuring competencies to identify leadership potential among managers

Configuration of multi-rater feedback survey

Periodic online reminders and status updates.

Detailed competency results.

Our Solutions

Focus group discussions the senior Founder on the model

Competency configuration of assessments based on outcomes of competency mapping exercise.

Creation of online assessment centre for access to multi-rater feedback for all participants and raters.

Benefits to Client

Clear understanding of leadership potential

Objective feedback from different rater groups

Identification of development areas

Creation of action plans and next steps.

LARGE MULTI-NATIONAL FMCG MAJORIndividual development of managers with a competency based approach

Project Details

Client wanted individual development plan for the managers based on role specific competency assessment.

The competency framework of the client to made amenable for psychometric assessment.

Development plan needed to be in an actionable form and understood by the manager.

Managers, 75 in number, were from various functions and stationed across five different locations.

Our Solutions

AssessPeople(formerly Careersindia) mapped the requirement into a behavioral competency model amenable for assessment.

Online assessment of identified competencies and identification of specific development areas.

Consolidated individual plans created for HR Department to follow-up.

Benefits to Client

Consistent language and vocabulary for performance management within the company as everyone understood the competencies, behavioral indicators and the metrics.

Immediate deployment of assessment to cover Managers at various locations saving time significantly.

Managers appreciated the neutrality in reporting and presentation leading to less defensiveness.

The entire exercise ended the first stage with crisp plans and actions aiding follow-up.

LARGE INDIAN IT PLAYERAssessment of Value Adherence through Multi-rater feedback

Project Details

Client wanted an assessment of the extent to which individual managers are adhering to the company's 'Way of Doing Things'.

The exercise was meant to cover all managers CEO downwards.

Exercise involved 150 managers and each getting rated by a minimum average of five other managers.

All communication and administration were to be web-based to maintain confidentiality and enable quick completion.

Our Solutions

Based on the client's requirements, a custom-built, user-friendly questionnaire was developed.

Meticulous planning was carried out in coordination with client to ensure timely and adequate communication to all concerned.

Application software was fine-tuned to handle diverse data flow and time-event triggered actions such as reminders etc.

Benefits to Client

Online process ensured that geographic distance did not weigh down the project effort.

Though the number of people involved was high, planned communication, briefings, reminders and helpdesk made trouble free completion and ease of participation.

Immediate and accurate results made the process credible.

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