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Case Studies: Workforce management services for Retention Solution 

MULTI-NATIONAL BPOAssessment of employees leaving the organisation through a structured process of collecting feedback

Project Details

Client wanted accurate data on all employees leaving the organisation to facilitate in the creation of a strategic retention plan.

The survey framework to be customized to include a few organisational culture specific areas.

Data to be available at all time to the managers for research and analysis.

Executives leaving the organisation were from various functions and stationed across five different locations.

Our Solutions

AssessPeople(formerly Careersindia) identified the generic and culture specific requirements to create the assessment.

Online feedback survey.

Feedback collected from all employees leaving the organisation for a period of one year.

Immediate access to high end online analytics.

Benefits to Client

Identification of positive factors and areas requiring intervention.

Seamless survey access across locations 24/7.

The entire exercise ended the first stage with crisp plans and actions aiding follow-up.


Project Details

To collect feedback from over 4000 employees at different levels and functions.

Survey to be completed from various factory and office locations.

Survey to be deployed in multiple languages.

Our Solutions

AssessPeople(formerly Careersindia) configured a standardized employee engagement survey.

The survey was customized to include the company’s branding.

Some company specific feedback areas were added to the survey.

Online access was provided for survey completion.

Survey results and feedback was kept completely confidential.

Benefits to Client

The entire survey feedback process was completed in 2 weeks.

Seamless survey access across locations 24/7

Analytics was made available simultaneously and the company could analyze trends at any point in time

Detailed drill down analytics features helped the client identify specific areas for action accurately

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