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The Healthcare industry is the largest employer of people in the world. Healthcare spending in India is estimated to increase from Rs 86000 crores in 2000-01 to 200,000 crores in 2012. Private healthcare will continue to be the largest component of healthcare spending and will be 156,000 crores by 2012. A recent report on nurses estimates that there would be a demand of around 6 lakh nurses in the near future to improve the existing nurse-patient ratio, which is very low and unsatisfactory. It is estimated that there is one nurse for 2,300 people in the country. As the pool of available and qualified nurses shrinks, hiring the right person becomes vital. The need is for a standardised assessment to measure the domain knowledge of prospective nurses.

Fortis Hospitals Group, a leader in the Healthcare industry in India and AssessPeople, a pioneer in workforce assessment services in India have collaborated to design and develop an online assessment to measure domain knowledge of prospective nurses for employment.

The vision of the project is that in the near future, the assessment should evolve into becoming the standard for selection of nurses for the Healthcare industry in India.

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