Competency Modeling and Assessments

Competency modeling and assessments for workforce development process management

Competencies define the skills and capabilities needed by people to succeed within an organization. Competencies are mapped to individual jobs and outline the expectations for different roles and positions.

Assesspeople’s efficient competency modeling process helps identify competencies and assess competency gaps in managers.

Value of Competency models

  • Staffing services and selection - Provide a clear target for selection practices and candidate evaluation.
  • Workforce management and development - Focus development activities on the skills, knowledge and characteristics that will have an impact on job effectiveness.
  • Training - Maximize the investment of training.
  • Performance Management Process - Clarify work expectations and measurement in a common language.
  • Succession Planning and optimum workforce management - Shift focus beyond current performance to potential for future roles.

Competency Modeling Process

A certified competency modeling consultant facilitates the process of developing a new competency model for a position or group of positions, or update an existing competency model. The process management steps in mapping competencies and configuring assessments are as follows:

  • Step1: Study of Job Descriptions.
  • Step2: Discussions with job holders.
  • Step3: Focus Group discussions with superiors.
  • Step4: Competency Model building.
  • Step5: Competency refinement after discussions with client team.
  • Step 6: Configuration Assessment for optimum workforce management.
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