AssessPeople Research Team

AssessPeople Research Team

An Organisation’s workforce is the single most important renewable source of competitive advantage. The need to hire, grow and retain the best talent is a business imperative today. Measuring human capital and understanding workforce aspirations, needs and motivations has become an integral part of the HR function globally.

Being one of the early movers into the testing and assessment space, we believe that continuous ‘causal’ research is essential for sustained progress in this field. Causal research aims to measure the impact specific changes will have on existing practices and allows organisations to predict emerging scenarios.

As a logical extension to our assessment research, we at AssessPeople have commenced causal research projects on various topics in global workforce management.

The AssessPeople Research team has the following research agenda:

  • To research the aspirations, trends and needs of the global workforce.
  • To elicit feedback from the Professional fraternity on various issues and trends in workforce management.
  • To continue to create, upgrade and offer content in the various test domains that are in tune with the emerging trends in international arena.
  • To engage in continuous validation research in order to deliver consistent value to the clients.
  • To develop a wide range of norms at a National level based on finer techniques of stratification of the population.
  • To enhance the role of Technology further in aiding the testing process thereby extending the life cycle of the continuing effectiveness of tests.

Research studies completed