What We Do

About Us

  • Offering workforce assessment services since 1999
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified company
  • Assessment services for
    • High School Students to Senior Managers
    • Individual and team assessments
  • Build on continuing research, scientific concepts and process rigour
  • Proven track record with clients across industry segments
  • Research Associates in Psychology, Statistics and Assessment science..
  • Internet as the medium of delivery
  • Assessments anytime, anywhere…

What We Do for Companies

  • We help companies improve their workforce productivity through
    • Improving quality and productivity of hires
    • Reducing cost of hiring
    • Reducing cost of training
    • Managing fitment and job transition
    • Improving individual and team development plans
    • Managing attrition
    • Conduct specific workforce research studies
  • Assessment of aptitudes, abilities, skills, behaviours, competencies, knowledge, morale, attitude and work values
  • Multilingual Assessments
  • Biometrics, Photo, Phone2web
  • Analytics-Basic and Advance
  • End2End Assessments
  • Organisation-wide Surveys