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What We Do 

About Us

  • Offering workforce assessment services since 1999
  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified company
  • Assessment services for High School Students to Senior Managers Individual and team assessments
  • Build on continuing research, scientific concepts and process rigour
  • Proven track record with clients across industry segments
  • Research Associates in Psychology, Statistics and Assessment science..
  • Internet as the medium of delivery
  • Assessments anytime, anywhere…

What We Do for Companies

  • We help companies improve their workforce productivity through Improving quality and productivity of hires Reducing cost of hiring Reducing cost of training Managing fitment and job transition Improving individual and team development plans Managing attrition Conduct specific workforce research studies
  • Assessment of aptitudes, abilities, skills, behaviours, competencies, knowledge, morale, attitude and work values
  • Multilingual Assessments
  • Biometrics, Photo, Phone2web
  • Analytics-Basic and Advance
  • End2End Assessments
  • Organisation-wide Surveys
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