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Multi-rater feedback system for workforce management and development 

Web-based, Multi-rater Feedback System. The system collects feedback from a variety of perspectives i.e. boss, peers, self, direct reports, internal and external customers. Our 360 Degree assessments come in 3 versions:

Behavioural Competency Version
  • Multi-rater feedback based on a specific set of behavioural competencies.
  • Company-specific competencies can be configured.
  • A well researched library of competencies to choose from.
Functional Competency Version
  • Multi-rater feedback based on functional competencies.
  • Company-specific functional competencies configured.
Company Values & Beliefs version
  • Multi-rater feedback on employee adherence to company values and beliefs.
  • Customised to company-specific values and beliefs.
Unique Features
  • Completely online feedback process.
  • System ensures anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Auto reminder process to ensure adherence to survey completion timelines.
  • Comprehensive report including rater-group wise ratings and consolidated ratings.
  • Create customised open-ended questions.
  • Instant access to candidate reports.
  • Option to capture and compile rater comments.

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